Situation Report

Humanitarian Response: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Eight WASH partners provided various WASH services and COVID-19 prevention interventions to 51,736 individuals including 201 people with disabilities (PWD) in the NWSW regions.

Additionally, WASH partners carried out activities of sensitization on menstrual hygiene management, monitoring of handwashing devices, training of water user committees, and training on the use of dignity kits.

Overall achievements in 2020 In 2020, WASH Cluster partners reached 332,456 of 1,107,111 targeted individuals, equivalent to 30 per cent in the NWSW with the construction or rehabilitation of water points and distribution networks, construction of sanitation facilities, and the distribution of WASH kits. 68,646 individuals were reached with water supply, 42,988 individuals benefited from the construction of sanitary facilities, while 220,822 individuals received WASH kits. kits.