Situation Report

Humanitarian Response: Food Security

According to the latest Cadre Harmonisé analysis published in October 2020, an estimated 960,000 people are food insecure in NW and SW regions. With a four-year period of below average food production in the two regions, maintaining means of livelihood has become a significant challenge for many. Food and/or livelihood assistance has reduced the number of vulnerable households adopting negative coping strategies.

32 Food Security Cluster partners provided food and livelihood assistance to 360,467 people through various cash and in-kind interventions. Approximately 30 per cent of the 960,000 people in need did not receive assistance due to a lack of resources. 93 per cent of the beneficiaries received food assistance and seven per cent received agriculture and/or livelihoods related support. As part of efforts to improve coordination mechanisms, the Food Security Cluster is working with relevant partners to establish divisional coordination groups in Bamenda for the NW and in Buea for the SW region.